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When you go to a fitness instructor or join a gym you go there with a goal in mind. To increase fitness lose weight, gain strength, look better, have success & gain confidence.

All of this needs a plan, a goal to get the outcome you want. Some of us puddle around picking up weights throwing medicine balls maybe getting a strain here and there and may be loosing confidence as the results don’t follow as expected.

It may occur to us then to actually talk to a trainer or PT for some advice. Trainers and PT’s these day must have a minimum of Cert 3 in fitness this means they have studied and have the knowledge and specialist information to assist for you to have success. You discover there is much to know a lot to be aware of and a few traps you can fall into.

This happens in many areas of life and you discover this when you open a business too. The bank wants a business plan, the landlord wants contracts signed Staff want entitlements, equipment needs to be purchased. You are making a commitment financially, emotionally and personally it’s all on the line. So is this a time to wing it and hope for the best or do you ask for advice?

Essential to opening a fitness business is having Insurance. The Fitness Industry has expanded like never before and will continue to do so. There are more varieties of gyms, classes ,equipment and clients than ever, so getting the right cover at the right price means you need to ask someone who knows the fitness industry, specializes in it. A specialist in their field like a PT or trainer that has studied and will get it right for you.