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If you own or operate a gym, you may not be aware of the distinct type of business insurance policy needed for complete protection. That’s where Active Insurance Solutions comes in! For all your specialist gym insurance needs, our team has you covered.

We work with gym owners and managers Australia-wide, from the largest franchises to the smaller independent concerns. Our team has proudly developed a strong reputation as one of the countries leading insurance companies in health and fitness.

Don’t lose all that you have worked for because of one mistake!

This is where gym liability insurance comes in. A typical gym has a wide range of potential liability risks, with lots that can go wrong. Even where all precautions have been taken, injuries, legal action and claims can still happen.

  • incorrect use of equipment
  • exacerbation of injuries or weaknesses that clients fail to disclose
  • falling or dropped weights causing injury
  • misinterpretation of advice from fitness professionals

All of the above are potential realities that any gym owner needs to protect themselves against.

Meanwhile, all gym, fitness instructors are personal trainers can be liable to compensate clients injured during activities where they are found to have been negligent. For context, negligence includes:

  • giving the wrong advice or information
  • failure to comply with the standard of reasonable care expected from a provider of services.

You should therefore seek the best possible professional indemnity and public liability insurance for gyms and fitness centres. Your policy must, at a minimum, include products liability, personal injury liability and something known as participation risk.

Participation risk is particularly crucial as it will cover you for claims that standard public liability insurance covers lack. It offers protection for all training and advice that may result in accident or injury.

You’ll also want to make sure your gym is covered for the likes of:

  • contents insurance for its expensive equipment
  • storm and property damage, and
  • consequent business interruption.

We’ll work with you to tailor an affordable insurance package for your gym. Underwritten by leading global insurers, we’ll make sure your policy is developed to perfectly meet your distinct insurance requirements.

The team

All members of the Active Insurance Solutions team are highly experienced, with a passion for and thorough understanding of fitness insurance.

We are owned and operated by one of Australia’s leading gym and fitness club insurance experts, Gavan Burke. Gavan has 35 years of experience in the insurance space and 15 years working specifically in the area of fitness. He and his team are therefore best-placed to provide the right policies for maximum protection.

The Active Insurance way … for all your fitness liability insurance needs!

At Active Insurance Solutions we take a unique approach, while priding ourselves on:

    • understanding exactly what your gym requires from its insurance policy
    • always remaining on-hand for advice and claims assistance
    • a commitment to a personalised service and affordable insurance costs
    • our status as an authorised representative of Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd, AFSL 240549

When claims arise, we want to make sure the process is as stress-free and straightforward as possible. You’ll deal with locally-based experts, who will work in your best interests at all times. We’ll support you through every step, remaining committed to guaranteeing the result you want, while ensuring the process moves quickly.

Get a quote!

Unlike other insurance companies, we promise to come back to you quickly when you request a quote. Simply fill out our easy-to-use form, and you can expect a response including all necessary information within 24 hours.


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