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As a fitness club owner, your job is to create a safe environment that allows your clients to train regularly in their efforts to become fitter, stronger and healthier. Your hired staff and the exercise equipment you provide, serve to strengthen your clients’ self-confidence in their overall appearance. But just like every other job or activity, it comes with its hazard – namely injuries. Regardless of your experience or fitness level, injuries are largely inevitable, which could jeopardise your fitness business. 

Adhering to all safety precautions, instructions, and closely monitoring clients’ training routines is not a guarantee against injuries which puts you at risk for liability claims every day. This post will highlight five good reasons you need to invest in quality fitness liability insurance.

1. Protect Yourself

Fitness club owners and their trainers are liable for their actions, what they say, and don’t while carrying out their daily duties. It is common for clients to take up lawsuits against fitness club owners for claims of incorrect staff instructions on certain exercises or activities and inaccurate advice on how to use certain equipment, which led to an injury. If you are working for a spa, gym, or a saloon, it is highly likely that your employer has taken up an insurance policy to protect the business. If you own a fitness club, ensure that the insurance policy you hold is broad enough to protect not only yourself as the employer, but also your staff and business as a whole.

2. Demonstrate Professionalism

Having fitness liability insurance is a great way to prove to your current and future clients, staff and suppliers that you are a professional who is running their fitness company effectively. A fitness insurance policy exhibits a high level of honesty and integrity without compromise to values. A workout injury, or equipment damage or even premises damage can happen at any fitness club, no matter how long you have been in business. Professionals prepare for everything and signing up for a policy could be the difference between you and your local competition.

3. Quick And Efficient Resolving Of Issues 

A lawsuit can be a daunting task, most especially when you are unprepared. A long dragging “baseless” lawsuit can hamper your daily business routines while leaving damaging effects on your reputation. It becomes practically impossible to engage new or existing clients when you are spending more time and effort expediting claims related to a lawsuit. Having a reputable insurance company will save you time and effort as they’ll step in to take care of you.

4. Safeguard Your Career 

One lawsuit, whether they’re right or wrong, can shake the very foundations of your entire fitness club business. The general process of defending a lawsuit is very expensive. The cost associated with legal fees, large litigation fees, or even a settlement can put you under huge financial stress. Even the time spent on defending could cost you, clients. Therefore, the best protection against such threats is to carry the necessary fitness club owner liability insurance.

5. Getting Liability Insurance Is Easy 

The popular myth that getting an insurance policy is a long and expensive process is not entirely true. Partnering with the right insurance company will save you time and money. General liability insurance won’t protect you from everything, whether it’s your fault or the business’. An insurance professional will help you select the best fitness club owner liability insurance policy.

Fitness clubs are primarily responsible for their professional liabilities, from bodily injury to personal injury, cyber liability, advertisement liability, and even sexual abuse. These can be difficult and expensive to fight when you don’t have Active Insurance Solutions behind you. We provide effective means to protect yourself.

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